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Medical Devices Regulatory Support in Mexico


The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios), popularly known as COFEPRIS, falls under the Ministry of Health (MoH) and regulates the medical devices marketed in Mexico. The Sanitary Authorization Commission evaluates the COFEPRIS medical device registration applications, whereas the Sanitary Operations Commission is responsible for auditing the warehouse and other facilities located in Mexico.

Classification of Medical Devices

Mexico’s medical device classification is based on risk levels.

The COFEPRIS has a list of deregulated and very low-risk medical devices. The medical devices which are not included in either of these lists are classified into six (06) families or groups - Diagnostic Agents, Medical Equipment (i.e., Accessories and Appliances), Prosthetics, Orthotics, Functional Aids, Surgical Materials, Hygiene Devices, and Dental Supplies.

Devices falling under each of these families or groups are further classified into three (03) types. The Mexico medical device registration requirements vary with the class of the device. The classification of various medical devices and IVDs (In Vitro Diagnostics) in Mexico is detailed below.

Medical Device Class


Class I

Very Low Risk

Class II

Low Risk

Class III

Medium risk

Class IV

High Risk


Registration of Medical Devices

Market authorizations

The medical device manufacturers in Mexico may opt for any of the three (03) medical device registration pathways available with the COFEPRIS. The choice between the traditional pathway, equivalence pathway, and/or third-party review of devices depends on the approval status of the device and the urgency of device registration.

 Sanitary Registration Pathways: 

Notification:Class I, low-risk devices do not require a detailed registration process and need the submission of some basic device and company details to the COFEPRIS.

Traditional or Standard Pathway:The devices with no prior approval in the US, Canada, or Japan should opt for this pathway. This pathway requires the submission of a detailed technical dossier of the device.

Third-Party Review Pathway: The submissions going under the traditional pathway are eligible to opt for a third-party reviewer organization for expedited Mexico medical device approval of their device registration applications. Third parties are local Mexico-based organizations authorized by the COFEPRIS to review the applications and provide pre-approval. This pre-approval helps in obtaining expedited Mexico medical device approval from the COFEPRIS. Manufacturers with urgency for market entry at the expense of additional cost may opt for this route. Only applications under the standard/traditional route are eligible for third-party review. The applications under expedited pathways are not eligible for third-party reviews.

Expedited Pathway: The devices with prior approval in the US, Canada, or Japan qualify for this registration route. This route requires the manufacturer to submit minimal details. Manufacturers may leverage reference country approvals in this pathway to reduce translation costs.

Product Compliance & Management

Sl. No

Validity of Registration Certificate


Post-approval Changes (Variations)


Five (05) years

Application of renewal shall be submitted one hundred and fifty (150) days prior to the expiry of the sanitary registration. However, the pathway chosen for the original sanitary registration of the device determines the timelines for the renewal activities.

Administrative and technical modifications to the applications are allowed. License transfer is allowed in Mexico. However, the pathway chosen for the original sanitary registration of the device determines the timelines for these activities.

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